About Us

ProSerenity is born after a personal suffering experience, it was only when I added infrared sauna sessions, I began to see positive results. it was the key ingredient missing in achieving the recovery needed. 

My Story:  

"after many doctor visits , and years of suffering, nothing ever made a sustainable difference, I almost gave up, was so discouraged thinking that there is no solution to my condition, doctors would tell me there is nothing wrong with me, but I am suffering from constant constipation, bloating, gas, lower back pain, low energy, depression, brain fogs, cold feet and low blood circulation. if I would take medication for every single symptom, I would be constantly swallowing pills one after another. I kept researching the health field trying to understand my condition, until I discovered that I have gut microbiome imbalances which is the reason behind most of my symptoms. so, I needed to correct the imbalance by cleaning out harmful bacteria and replace them with good bacteria. 

the process of cleaning out harmful bacteria involved everyday sauna detoxification sessions, along with the treatment I was taking. 

Infrared Sauna sessions helped more than I could have imagined. I've never sweat in my life like I sweat in an infrared sauna, with a gentle heat, and my head out of the sauna allowing me to breath fresh air while my body is being detoxified, all this helped me enjoy my session and spending the day waiting for the next sauna session, because it was the time when I can relax, enjoy the warmth and detoxify away every single harmful substance stored under my skin. it helped clear away my acne, I woke up to a clearer, brighter skin, hydrated and soft skin, even my hair felt bouncier and alive than ever before. half way the treatment I began experiencing faster digestion my lower back pain faded away, I felt lighter and rejuvenated from withing, even the black heads I had specially on my chin started slipping out of my skin as if it was rejecting them and throwing them out of it. it was amazing seeing what gentle everyday detoxification can do and how  result started reflecting on the outside not just from the inside. only then I became a firm believer that, having a sauna in one's home is a must, a 20 to 30 min session is more than enough to ensure a good health through out one's life , it is definitly the real health insurance one's would ever need." 

So I made it my mission in life, I want to make sure the world knows there is a better way, more efficient and economical way to maintain good health and eliminate stress. that's when proserenity was born, with a goal to help deliver the best solution with most affordable price.